Raphael Olivier

Guitar - Composition - Film Scoring

Born to a musical family, Raphael Olivier discovers the musical world at age 3, by falling in love with the cello. At age 8, he starts taking part in European concerts, in various classical ensembles. In the meantime, he is attracted towards other instruments, such as the drums, the bass, the piano, and musical production, before discovering at age 12 the guitar. These years are an opportunity for him to perform concerts in countries such as Italy (Torino classical music festival), England (Trinity College of London), and France (Lyon Symphony Hall, Massy Symphony Hall, amongst others).

 In 2012, he decides to move to Chicago to pursue his musical dream.

Absolute turning point in his artistic journey, he is quickly noticed by famous educator David Bloom, and joins the Bloom School of Jazz, where he graduates with honors of the « Jazz Artist Program » at age 18. He will be a part of a PBS documentary, retracing his eclectic path, during an exceptional performance given at the Mayne Stage of Chicago (« The Cool Heat Concert ».) Simultaneously guitarist of the Honors Combo at the Merit School of Music, he is as well a part of the school’s big band, as a trumpeter. In 3 years of American dream, he is regularly solicited in the studio, and performs with his musical projets in such venues as the Chicago Symphony Center, the Lincoln Hall and the mythical Jazz Showcase.  He is as well solicited as a sideman in various jazz, electro, rock and rap projects. 

    In 2015, upon graduating with honors from the French International School of Chicago, he is accepted as a scholarship student at the famous Berklee College of Music and New School of New-York, but decides to move back to Paris, where he will quickly be accepted at the prestigious National Superior Conservatory of Paris (CNSM).


 2016 marks a new turning point in Raphael Olivier’s career, as he is invited to perform with the National Jazz Orchestra at the Villette Jazz Festival, in front of a full house at the Paris Philharmony. In the same year, he will release his first film score, composed over the short film « La Fauvette », and will present his new musical projet «Inner Sounds», boundless quartet blending American electric jazz and European pop influences.

In 2017, Raphael Olivier makes his debuts as a French recording artist, being invited to record his group at the mythical Davout Studios (Miles Davis, The Rollings Stones, Ray Charles…), and will release two major film scores: the "Anonymous" soundtrack, along with the "Pablosphere" original score. Constantly looking out for new artistic horizons, Raphael Olivier sets himself in this bright wave of upcoming artists, always seeking for new sounds and new artistic possibilities.